Yorkshire Landscape Painter : A Biography

andy2Andy Fullalove’s interest in painting started as a young boy of 10, when he remembers wanting to paint ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh. There had been a re-surgence of his work in the 1970’s, and even a song written. Fullalove insisted to his parents that he painted in oils (his Grandfather painted, and had died the previous year – he got his paints and brushes). He managed to achieve an expressive painting with passion, which hung in his parents’ home until 2001.

For many years after, painting was a way to relax away from the norm. He mainly painted still life’s, and traditional landscape. However, due to a life changing incident which occurred in 1993, Fullalove not only changed the way he perceived art, but totally altered the way he painted. From this period on, he describes everything as ‘coming from a different place’.

A more serious approach to painting had begun, and with it, all the challenges and frustrations that go along with producing work with a stronger sense of purpose. A Degree in Fine Art with Honours was achieved; this allowed his work a more contemporary edge, and gave him a wider artist knowledge. One of the quotes that keeps him focused and determined, is by Robert Rauschenberg, the American Artist, when he says, ‘make every square inch a great piece of painting’.

It has taken Fullalove many years to understand what the central aspect of his work is about, even though he is the participant. Will others viewing, truly receive the same or similar visual response he intends? Landscape is only one part of what is being seen. You need to delve further into the paintings, and live with them for a while, to fully appreciate what you are experiencing.